Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about the site

What is the level 1 Wiki?

The level 1 Wiki is a page for level 1 Computing Science students at the University of Glasgow, to help with their programming.

How does it work?

The idea is that the front page contains a list of steps to follow when your programming is not working. By following these steps, and the links that lead from the steps to other parts of the Wiki and beyond, you will overcome your programming problems and hopefully learn something too.

Aren't there course materials already?

There are, and these have been very carefully prepared to guide you through learning how to program. However, programming is a complex activity and not everybody learns in the same way. The people who run the level 1 course felt that it would be useful to have a variety of resources, to give each student a chance to learn in the way that best suits them.

Who maintains the Wiki?

The original Wiki pages and structure were put together by|szp#yerffaS reteP, but the responsibility to contribute new material lies with all the members of the level 1 course.

Can I make edits?

If you have access rights to the pages, and you must have to be reading this page, you have the right to edit the pages. There is an edit link in the bottom right hand corner of each page.

Does that mean I can vandalise the pages??

You can if you want, but it won't make you very popular with other Wiki users. With great power comes great responsibility. Also, don't forget that Wikidot logs which user makes each change ;)

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